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Bikes and Babes                 
Introducing The Lost Easy Riders Shoot

 Well, Here it is coming up on Bike Week 2012. I been in Florida since 1997.  All the gang except for a few are still around one way or the other.  These are outtakes from our World Famous Easy Rider Bike Shoot. I got lucky and met me a little stripper by stage name of Annie (you'll be seeing more of all of these  Babes in the days to come. Well, Annie, I love to be in that ole backroom in Lollipops with her, she's got a pooper on her make a bishop kick in a stained glass winder.  So you knows me, her and I we gonna be friends. Now, listen I aint exactly Diamond DPR. I tip righteous and fair when I hang in a Gentleman's Club. Nothing special, the girls are working I got respect  (more on respect in my new Rant and Rave blog or whatever coming soon) Well Annie, she knows some guys got a farm up in Ormond Beach, Florida and on this farm there were some pigs no, no, no not that nursery rhyme, damn Rat Fink always gots something to say. Ok, well on this farm there was some bikes, ei,ei,o!!! And these bikes was from my favorite movie ei, ei, o!!!!!! The girls, cept Annie I slipped her some dough. They volunteered their services, for the photo shoot that is. I aint that lucky. I got tons more of this shot. This batch got lost. I found it in a storage shed I have nearby. So enjoy have a happy and safe Bike Week 2008. DPR and his boys will be present starting Friday night til Sunday


Tis the only way to ride to the South Land!! Wish I was in the land of cotten look away dixie land!!



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